Meet the Owner
Jack Jones

Howdy, my name is Jack D. Jones. Even though I cuss a little when I get mad, I'm a Christian. I grew up in West Texas in a ranching and cattle environment back during the terrible drought of the 1950's. Times were pretty tough. I didn't think it was ever gonna rain. It was so dry a jackrabbit had to carry a sack lunch for seven long years. My Daddy was a cattle and sheep trader. Before I was born, Daddy traded horses and mules. When drought forced the ranchers to sell their herds of cattle and sheep in the 50's before they starved to death or when they didn't have any money or credit left to buy feed for the stock, my Daddy would buy some of the herds and re-sell 'em and try to make a few bucks. Sometimes he made a little and sometimes he lost a little. But, with the help of my Mother and his partners, we came out of these hard times in pretty good shape.

Being raised in the wide open spaces, I always wanted to own one of those big ol' ranches. In the early 70's with the help of my father-in-law, I was able to own and be a pardner on a ranch in Colorado. Talk about "lucky". I was the luckiest guy in the world. Turns out it was good for both of us.

And, now some 30 years later I've still got some of the land I bought back in the early 70's along with other land that myself and my pardner, an old school buddy from West Texas, have been able to pick up along the way at a good price.

I'm proud that we can make it easy for our friends and customers to own land which is the best investment in the world. Look our land over and meet our team who'll do their best to work with you. Whether it's investment, camping, hunting, homesite, 4 X 4'ing or whatever, we probably have a ranch you'll be proud to own.